Water Damage Restoration

Houston homeowners and business owners often keep an eye on the sky, knowing that the dark clouds on the horizon have the potential to cause devastating property damage. Blown out windows, damaged roofs, and rising floodwaters are among the many reasons for concern, all of which can lead to major water damage. Houston water damage restoration companies are quickly inundated with phone calls after a major storm rolls through and the process of mopping up begins.

Unfortunately, water damage isn’t as easy to deal with as the term “mopping up” makes it sound. Not only must the water be removed and the home dried, other damage must be dealt with including disinfecting all flooded surfaces and possessions, replacing soggy carpets, repairing or replacing damaged drywall, baseboards, insulation, wiring, cabinets, floorboards, and so on. As if that weren’t enough, the prospect for mold growth is high! If a storm or flood has swamped Houston, water damage is inevitable and restoration services are a must.

Complete Water Damage Restoration Projects
We are experienced Houston contractors with the expertise to quickly assess the damage and promptly remediate it. With over 20 years of service in the Houston area, we’ve witnessed devastating flood events – and helped residents slough through the aftermath. We offer a number of services ranging from emergency board ups (to prevent further damage) and water extraction to structural repairs and restoration.

Water Damage – The Importance of a Prompt Response
As a general contracting company, we know how to build, renovate, and restore properties. We also know when time is of essence and prioritize water damage calls. The longer that water remains standing, the more destructive it becomes. Quickly removing the water is a must if you want to minimize damage to flooring, walls, electrical systems, and furnishings. It is also essential for preventing mold from making an unwelcome appearance.

Full Service Restoration Service
We are a full service restoration service capable of mitigating and restoring water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, sewer backups, septic backups, flooded basements, leaking roofs, broken windows, and mold infestations.

No matter where the water came in, if you have a water event, water damage is sure to follow. We are dedicated to quickly restoring your home to its original condition. This is an involved process with many steps including: a prompt response, emergency repairs, water extraction, dry out and dehumidification, cleanup, decontamination and disinfection, removing unsalvageable items and building materials, mold remediation, structural repairs, and plumbing and roof repairs.